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Schadenfreude Karaoke - Avenue Q (musical)

To nagranie jest coverem Schadenfreude rozsławionym przez Avenue Q (musical)

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Tempo: variable (around 150 BPM)

Tonacja taka jak orginał: D, E♭, E

Czas trwania: 03:02 - Podgląd na stronie: 01:37


Data wydania: 2003
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, Humor, W języku angielskim
Słowa oryginalne: Robert Joseph Lopez, Jeff Marx

Wszystkie dostępne do pobrania pliki to backing tracks, a nie oryginalne utwory.

Tekst Schadenfreude

Right now you are down and out and feelin' really crappy
I'll see
And when I see how sad you are it sorta makes me happy
Sorry Nicky
Human nature
Nothing I can do
It's Schadenfreude
Making me feel glad that I'm not you
That's not very nice Gary
Ha ha ha
I didn't say it was nice but everybody does it
'Dya ever clap when a waitress falls and drops a tray of glasses
And ain't it fun to watch figure skaters fallin' on their asses
Uh uh, sure
Don't you feel all warm and cozy watching people out in the rain
You bet
That's Schadenfreude
People taking
Schadenfreude pleasure in your pain
Hmm, Schadenfreude
Uh, what, what's that
Some kind of Nazi word
Ya, it's German for happiness at the misfortune of others
Happiness at the misfortune of others
That is German
Watching a vegetarian being told she just ate chicken
Ha ha ha ha ha
Or watching a frat boy realize
Uh just what he put his dick in
Being on an elevator when somebody shouts
Hold the door
Oh yeah, no
Fuck you lady
That's what stairs are for
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ooh
How about straight A
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha student's getting B's
Exes getting STDs
Watching tourists reading maps
Waking doormen from their naps
Football players getting tackled
CEOs getting shackled
The ending of their Oscar speech
Watching actors never reach the ending of their Oscar speech
Schadenfreude, ha ha ha
Schadenfreude, uh uh
Schadenfreude, ha
Schadenfreude, yeah
Schadenfreude, ooh
The world needs people like you and me who've been knocked around by fate
'Cos when people see us they don't want to be us
And that makes them feel great
We provide a vital service to society
You and me
You and me
Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place to be
Making the world a better place to be
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Uh ooh
Aah ha ha ha ha ha

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