Francesco Napoli
Utwory: Balla Balla (Italian Hit Connection)
Cornell Haynes, Jr.
Utwory: Air Force Ones - Party People (feat. Fergie) - Air Force Ones (clean) - Just A Dream - Dilemma (feat. Kelly Rowland)
Nicoletta Utwory: Glory Alleluia - Les volets clos - Mamy Blue (live) (& Les Gospels Voices) - La musique - Jeff
Musical film (2009)
Utwory: Take It All - Be Italian (Fergie) - A Call From The Vatican (Penélope Cruz) - Cinema Italiano - Unusual Way
Nneka Utwory: Heartbeat
Utwory: The Sound Of Silence (The Leftovers)
Gary Numan Utwory: Cars - Are Friends Electric? (& Tubeway Army)